Social Skills Support 2018/19

The Trust actively engages with children and young people, providing them with opportunities to address issues that prevent them from engaging and integrating within their wider community.  Lighthouse Trust (Northampton) provides support to primary schools, working to address the needs of children and young people who have not been eligible to access other ‘mainstream’ support services.

How Social Skills Support Developed

Lighthouse Trust (Northampton) completed a series of assemblies on the theme of ‘New Beginnings’, with a particular focus on Motivation and Social Skills, in primary schools. These assemblies highlighted concerns in some schools regarding pupil behaviour affecting the school as a whole in a negative way, and as a result we were approached to help support them. Some of the following points cover the areas of concern.

  • Emotional Health and Wellbeing (Enhanced Healthy Schools) – the promotion of emotional health and well-being to all members of the school community within a positive and nurturing ethos to enable the children to enjoy life, survive pain, disruption and sadness and cope successfully with change.
  • Bullying – the theme for the National Anti-Bullying Week fits in well with some of the concerns.
  • Valuing Diversity’ – making assumptions, ‘Social Skills’ (SEAL), ‘Friendship’ – getting on and falling out, and ‘Behaviour and Exclusion’.
  • Children displaying teen/adult behaviours – different values affecting behaviour, friction from ‘Home Situations’ causing problems .

Because the trust is seen by pupils as separate from the school, there is more of a willingness for pupils to engage as we are not seen as ‘teachers’, or the ‘authority’ figures they are often rebelling against.

Here at St. Luke’s we always value the tailored support Lighthouse Trust (Northampton) is able to provide for our pupils. This year, as well as enjoying the inspirational assemblies, we have been fortunate to have workshop days where Richard and his team have worked with specific classes to enrich their PSHE curriculum.

The programmes for these days have been designed to enhance pupils’ personal and social skills. In particular, Lighthouse Trust has worked with our class teachers to provide opportunities for pupils to develop: self esteem, team work, tolerance of others and respect. These essential life skills are taught and practised through age appropriate activities which complement our work in School, with Lighthouse Trust team bringing an additional dimension to pupils’ learning experiences.

Our children greatly benefit from the enabling and supportive attitudes demonstrated by Richard and his colleagues. The pupils enjoy the interactive nature of their workshop days, and feel secure in exploring potentially sensitive issues. The strong Christian values and ethos of our own school, is mirrored in the work and messages of the Trust, which we feel adds even more value to the work.

We’ve all gained from this year’s work, and St. Luke’s are looking forward to even more opportunities next year!

St Luke’s CEVA Primary School

The Project

The ‘Getting On – Making Friends’ project provides support for pupils and addresses emotional needs and provides an opportunity for pupils to develop practical life skills, giving them the potential to overcome difficulties and offer alternatives to becoming disengaged and the risk of becoming excluded socially and educationally.

This project will engage with pupils with two half-day workshops.

  • The workshops include drama and music to examine the themes.
  • The project will include a whole school assembly – pupils will present the assembly themselves to the whole school and will include some of the work they have produced from the workshops.
  • Additional workshops and support in the form of one-to-one or group work will also be available.

Please get in touch if you would like more information and costs of the project.