About Lighthouse Trust

Developing young people into responsible adults.

Lighthouse Trust (Northampton) was formed in September 1997 and was registered as a charity on 21st October 1998 with the Charity Commission for England and Wales (No. 1072069). Lighthouse Trust has a view to establish an ongoing support to children and young people in the community. The trust has a Christian ethos, but is committed in serving children and young people regardless of creed, race or faith.

The Director of the trust, Richard Kinning, has worked with children and young people in various capacities including clubs and schools for many years. Education support began with just nine visits in 1990 and the work has grown to around 300 visits a year.

The trust is overseen by a Director working in cooperation with the Trustees and they are involved in over thirty-five primary schools. We are active in community projects, as well as school and church support, in and around Northampton.

“Members of the Lighthouse Trust visit our school regularly to take assemblies, work with class and year groups as well as individuals to encourage the children to develop an awareness of themselves and how they can contribute to the world. Children are encouraged to express their feelings about each other and themselves in many different ways – through music, drama and small group work. Lighthouse Trust is an essential source of inspiration and support for our school and the pupils here, and I fully support this project in helping to promote and encourage young people to develop their skills and talents.”
Jill Ramshaw, Headteacher, Weston Favell CEVA Primary School.

“I have been experiencing Lighthouse Trust Assemblies in schools in Northamptonshire for about 14 years. It never fails to amaze me how Richard and his team manage to take the children in each and every assembly on a journey from outright raucous to reflective and calm. The children thoroughly enjoy every part of the assembly, but especially enjoy it when Richard brings his guitar out! The stories are always relevant to the audience and the team at the Lighthouse trust are always flexible enough to adapt to any theme or current issue. We all really enjoy our assemblies from the Lighthouse Trust and would thoroughly recommend their work to any schools who want their days brightened up!”
Antony Withyman, Headteacher, Weedon Bec Primary School.

“The Lighthouse Trust has been working with Woodvale Primary Academy for many years, and more recently with Sunnyside Primary Academy. The Trust are welcome visitors into our school, they help deliver collective worship within both schools and the children look forward to the assemblies. Assemblies are an important element for schools, the way the Trust delivers them in a fun way means the children are engaged and enjoy them. Participation is often involved which the children love.

As well as taking assemblies, the Trust has also been into school to deliver workshops on themes such as PSHE and RE. Again, the children have thoroughly enjoyed these sessions which are interactive and led by enthusiastic staff.”

Nicola Sayers, Woodval Primary Academy & Sunnyside Primary Acdemy

“It has been a privilege to follow the development and progress of the Lighthouse Trust since its inception in 1997. It was formed out of the vision and passion that the founder, Richard Kinning, has for the moral and spiritual well-being of young people. The impact of this Trust on the lives of many thousands of youngsters is impossible to quantify but it is extremely significant. Presenting young people with practical, personal help as they face the very real challenges of a changing society, requires extraordinary talents and gifts, and Richard and his team have proven that they possess such skills.”
Eric Lavender, Minister, Northampton.