So much to choose from!

Giving monthly enables Lighthouse Trust to support schools and have a big impact on many children and young people.

All monthly donations are valuable to us, from £10 to £100 and beyond and the options below show you what impact your regular donation can have. Gift Aiding, increases the value of your gift by 25p in the pound, making a real difference to the impact on children’s lives.

1. Assemblies – £25
Lighthouse runs hundreds of assemblies a year in Primary & Secondary schools. These are always fun and enjoyed by pupils and teachers alike, but always bring an important message to the school.

2. Interventions Support – £25
Provides weekly one-on-one and group support for pupils undergoing struggles in school or at home which is impacting their education. Invaluable for both the young people and the school.

3. PHSE Lessons – £65
These lessons provide teaching on social areas such as bullying, self-esteem and citizenship, as well as teaching on morals and values.

4. PHSE day workshops – £200
Enables a whole day to be spent in school, running workshops on vital issues such as Citizenship and Anti-Bullying for example. Teachers have testified to the positive impact the Trust has when spending a whole day with young people using music, drama, discussion and problem-solving workshops with pupils.

5. RE Lessons – £65  

These lessons on Christianity are based on the REC and the Northamptonshire SACRE “A Curriculum Framework for Religious Education in England” for 2018 – 2023.

Other options for giving

These items are for those who wish to make a one-off donation to the work of Lighthouse Trust today. The great thing is that they do not come at a fixed price (although we have shown the total cost against some specific options), you can put your own value on them. All donations are very gratefully received, and every penny is vital for the work of the Trust.

6. One-off Donation
Your support enables Lighthouse Trust to continue its valuable support to children and young people. Without you, the work would simply not be possible. For those who do not yet support the Trust, we hope that you hear or see something that inspires you to get involved, supporting schools and ‘developing young people into responsible adults’.

7. Citizenship RoadShow Week
Each July the Trust runs a ‘Schools Week’, where young people from around the town spend whole days in schools teaching on Citizenship issues using music, drama and creative writing. This is a great resource for the school and provides training for young people in schools work. Costs include materials, AV equipment & transport, and equates to £1,200

8. Transitions Week
Each June the Trust runs a Transitions Week to help Year 6 children who will be moving on to secondary school in the following September. Research has found that pupils lose motivation and make no progress in the year after transfer. This concern rises every year, as many children express their fears and reservations at the prospect of leaving the only school they have known since early childhood and moving to the ‘big school down the road.’ Costs for this 2-week project is £1.200.

It is great to know that by supporting us in the ways shown above, YOU will be enabling Lighthouse Trust to positively impact young people, schools, and communities. Thank you for all your support!