Abseil Fundraise

When Joe Weston received an unusual Christmas gift last year, he decided to make the most of it and raise money for a good cause. That gift was an abseil. But not just any abseil; he would be walking down the old Express Lift Tower in Northampton with the National Abseil Centre.

A small matter of 127m (412 feet) tall, this structure dominates the Northampton skyline, and was, so to speak, right up Joe’s street! Even if it did give his mother the collywobbles just thinking about it! Joe chose Lighthouse Trust as his good cause, and with only a couple of weeks to fundraise, he set about the task of getting sponsors.

Joe stepped off the edge of the tower with nothing but 127m of air separating him from the ground below. Though slightly apprehensive, Joe negotiated the drop with the usual calm attitude he adopts with these kinds of tasks – not much seems to phase him – and he landed safely 6 minutes later, having shot some spectacular video of Northampton through the camera attached to his helmet.

Those 6 minutes raised nearly £350 for the work of Lighthouse, enabling the Trust to carry on its valuable work in reaching the young people of Northampton’s schools with the message of Gods love. Well done Joe! Talk is already turning to what comes next: somebody has mentioned a parachute jump. They had better talk to his mum first!