The month of September has flown by!

Lighthouse has already visited 14 primary schools during this month alone. Each year starts with the theme of ‘New Beginnings’, which is a “very good place to start” as one faithful nanny once said!

This September we have been challenging the children to think about how good communication can show others that we care. The focus was on looking into peoples eyes. How often do we allow ourselves to become distracted and in turn neglect the ones around us who need to know we are listening.

We shared the story of Peter and John healing the man at the temple gate. The children were asked to listen out for what the disciples’ first said to the man….”Look at us!” Peter and John had spent three wonderful years with Jesus and seen many miracles, but had also witnessed how Jesus gave His time and focused attention to those who were least valued in their community.

“Look at us” really says, “You count”, “God sees YOU!”, “You are worth stopping for”.

We then learned a new song about how precious each one of us is to God and knowing that, spurs us on to show the same love to others. (Click link below to hear our new song.)

October will continue the theme on ‘New Beginnings’ and look at what motivates us.