November has had a focus on anti-bullying for many schools up and down the country. Some of our schools took part in the national ‘odd sock’ initiative, which celebrates individual uniqueness and so we looked at how we could bring our own unique spin on this topic.

We took a look at how forgiveness can be a way of living in peace with each other and a huge preventative to discord and unrest in our communities.

The bible story we looked at was the story Jesus told about the lost son. (Luke 15:1-32) We asked the children to consider the grace that the father showed his son and how everyone who asks to be forgiven, should have the opportunity to start a new. The children were encouraged to reflect on the extravagance of the love shown and challenged to live lives that do the same; to forgive others as we also have been forgiven.

Next month brings with it Christmas!!! So the assembly will be on this theme. The link below is the song we will be singing as part of our worship together. Looking forward to seeing all those who are booked in for December.

Leah. x