Support Team
The strenth of any organisation is dependent upon a strong team. As well as the Trustees, Lighthouse has a a vast array of talent and expertise drawn from the local church community.

Standing Order Mandate Form
When you have downloaded this form and when you heve completed it, please send it back to the Lighthouse Trust address. Thank you.

Becoming a Member of the Chaplaincy Team
You could help deliver assemblies and RE lessons among other things - use all those talents and gifts you have to communicate inportant truths and values

Becoming a Prayer Partner
Prayer is a vital part of the work, it's an investment that will make a difference to the lives of children and young people in our communites.
Open 'Becoming a Prayer Partner'

Becoming a LIGHT Partner
Please consider how you might support the work of the trust financially - if you want to support the trust in this way, a form is available which you can download.
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