Projects - would you like to sponsor any of these?

Lighthouse Trust is looking for businesses and company's to help support projects in various ways.  Firstly, financially to help underwrite the costs of production and secondly, in partnering - using your skills, experience and influence to help support Lighthouse Trust and local schools in helping educate young people into responsible adults.
This is a great opportunity for you to actively engage with the local community and in particular with schools and of course, with Lighthouse Trust.  Please get in touch if you are interested to know more about this project.

Projects and Coming Events
Webpage icon Project - School Assemblies 2018/19
Webpage icon Project - Personal and Social Skills Class Room Support 2018/19
Webpage icon Project - RE lesson/workshops 2018/19
Webpage icon AGM Meal - The next one will be on Thursday 9 November 2017.
Webpage icon Team Time
Webpage icon Project - Gap year opportunities 2017/18
Webpage icon Project - Year 6 Transitions: June 2018