Project - RE lesson/workshops 2018/19

Religious Education (RE) support is available for both primary and secondary schools.

R.E. lessons are available now which follow the new Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education. We can be flexible and can be suited to your requirements. Lighthouse Trust is continually developing new Christian resources for R.E lessons, so If there is something that you require, please feel free to discuss with us any request you might have.

There will be two projects and they will take place from October to December 2017, and from January to March 2018- we are taking bookings as of September 2017 and from January 2018 so please get in touch.

Project 1         ‘People in Christianity’ a primary school project.

  • People and Places in Christianity; Books and stories in Christianity.
  • The Church Year: Advent & Christmas.
  • The Church Year: Is Easter a festival of new life or sacrifice?’ - Lent, Palm Sunday, Last Supper, Why did Jesus have to die? Resurrection and Pentecost
  • Faith Stories - how does the Bible help people? Why do people pray? How is a Bible used by Christians today? Why do certain words or phrases guide you in life?  Characters of faith - Adam & Eve; Noah; Jacob, Abraham, Joseph etc.
  • The life of Jesus - stories, parables and much more.

Project 2         ‘Origins, Purpose & Destiny’ a secondary school project.

  • God - what Christians believe about God: Descriptions of and evidence for the nature of God (eg. Father, Son & Holy Spirit).  Key events in the life of Jesus as an historical figure, Jesus in the Christian experience. What do I believe?
  • Christian ways of life -  love and service to God, love and service to others, forgiving and forgiveness.  [Ministry, Responsibility and Love].  What challenges do Christian ways of living present to people like me?
  • Christian teachings on origins, purpose and destiny - what Christians believe about: the beginning of the world; the purpose of life; the future destiny of the world; the end of all things. [Discipleship. Metaphor and Guidance].  Where do we come from and where are we  going?




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