Project - Gap year opportunities 2017/18

Firstly, Lighthouse Trust gives opportunity for those who wish to volunteer themselves for a year to work with the Lighthouse Team as a link worker.  Please get in touch if you would like to know more about the opportuties Lighthouse Trust could offer you.

Secondly, we are also looking for sponsors who would be willing to help support volunteers in their 'Year Out' internship.  If you are interested to help with sponsorship, please get in touch.  


Every year, many Christians aged 18-25, spend a year from September helping to change things for the better as a volunteer for a Christian organization. Everybody is different, so don’t think you couldn’t be one of them, or that you might not be ‘experienced’ enough.

  • If you have a vibrant Christian faith and a genuine desire to serve God, getting involved with Lighthouse Trust (Northampton) will impact the schools and churches in Northampton for Christ. The experience will also prepare you for whatever God has for you in the future - a great decision, a great investment. 
  • To receive full details about Lighthouse Trust (Northampton) and a copy of our application pack as a gap year volunteer, please get in contact with us by either phoning, writing or emailing us.  
  • If you would like to help sponsor a volunteer for a Gap year, then please get in touch with us.

Lighthouse has a good reputation with the schools in and around Northampton and is seeking to strengthen relationships, to impact children, families and local communities with the love of Jesus. Every volunteer will receive the all the support, training, friendship and the resources necessary to succeed in this exciting project.


Emilie - June 2016.

It has been nearly a year since I landed from the USA at London Heathrow Airport and began my adventure working with Lighthouse Trust.

This year has been an invaluable opportunity for growth, joy, and witnessing the ways God reaches out to Northampton.  I have been blessed with time connecting with students, school faculty, and parents.  Wonderful things have been said about the work Lighthouse Trust does in schools by people who haven't even had the chance to see the bigger picture of it all, who haven't seen the way Lighthouse brings the same joy, love, and message to incredibly unique and diverse schools.

I can't say I had many expectations upon arrival last July; I knew better than to assume knowing anything about a culture so far away from my own.  That being said, I never could have imagined this experience.  There is so much beauty in the way each school has its own identity and culture. It is immensely inspiring how most of the teachers focus on not simply doing their jobs, but on teaching and guiding their students with unwavering love and care, despite challenge and adversity.

The ethos of education in Northampton is evolving. Opportunities we have now to continue this work in schools may need to be defended in order to be preserved.  However, with times of change come chances for growth.  To play a part in an influence that brings blessing and a moment of fresh air to potentially stressful and hectic places is in itself a blessing.  It is vitally important to speak life into every developing spirit and culture we have encountered.

I am thankful to every person responsible for giving me the privilege of taking part in Lighthouse Trust.  In my last two weeks in England, I'm looking toward next year with every intention of returning and continuing my work with Lighthouse.  It is my hope to eventually work with secondary schools as well as primary, and to address the issues unique to each of their stages of life.

Again, thank you for this past year.  Thank you for your faithful support of Lighthouse Trust.  All of this is possible because of those who faithfully and prayerfully contribute, however God calls you to do so.  It is with joy that we can look to the future growth of Lighthouse Trust, and with confidence that we can pursue that growth together.

Emilie Johnson


Laura's Story

Let me introduce myself - Hi! Laura here, I’m 18 years old. When I decided to take this year out I had no idea that I’d enjoy it this much, I’m loving every minute! It has its lows but it’s only expected working with John and Richard!! (I’m joking!).

So much has happened already and its not even half way into my year yet, so I’m really excited to what’s left to come. When Richard asked me to write this I thought ‘what on earth am I going to write,’ but with lots of nagging and several cups of coffee, I pulled it all together! So enjoy…

Here’s a quick summery of what I’ve been involved in so far... I’ve had the chance to write material for RE, PSHE and assemblies as well as getting involved in presenting them.  Which is really fun and makes you very popular with the kids!  I’ve also had the chance to do a little bit of travelling. In September I went to to visit and help out at a school in Zambia that has been set up by Arthur and Margaret, a couple that my church is liked with - what an amazing experience that was!

I’m now involved as a link worker in Weston Favell Primary School, so every Wednesday morning I help out in a year three class, which includes supporting PE, RE and singing practice . I’m really enjoying getting to know the children and staff at the school, and it also gives Lighthouse the chance to build relationships with pupils and staff.  Lastly I'm about to help establish an after schools club in one of the villages for key Stage 1 children.  A similar club, started by Lighthouse was such a success that the local community - school, church and parents, requested one for the smaller children... can't wait to get started!

Laura Weston

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