Becoming a Fundraiser

If you would like to fundraise but are not sure how to get started, let us know your interest by completing our online enquiry form and we will provide you with lots of ideas and inspiration on how you can help Lighthouse Trust (Northampton).

Whatever the scale of event you want to hold, be it a table top sale, a coffee morning or something a bit grander,  we are here to offer support, advice and fundraising materials.

Remember whatever amount of money you raise, large or small, it will help us to develop young people into responsible adults.  We can't do it without you!

Fundraising ideas

Now you've decided to help, how will you choose what to do?

Fundraising should be fun so why not go for something you enjoy, or something you have always wanted to do? If you love cycling or walking, or need to get fit, why not do a sponsored walk or run? Get your family and friends, your church for example, to join in with you. 

Simple things like organising a cake sale, barbecue, cheese and wine party, or a garage sale, are great ways in which to start.

For the more adventurous, a sponsored run, walk or cycle ride, abseil,  jumble sale, treasure hunt,  dog-walking for friends, having a stall at your local fete, or quiz night,  are just some simple but effective ways of raising money.

Schools can also help - a mufti-day, lunchtime tuck shop, sponsored silence, lunch time aerobics, disco are are just some ideas 

Top fundraising tips

Here are his tips for making your fundraising event or activity a success.

  • Plan your fundraising activity properly. Give yourself plenty of time to raise sponsorship.
  • Set yourself a realistic target, and then see if you can better it!
  • Always seek sponsorship from people you know (a good supporter will tell their friends about you).
  • Always go back and thank your supporters, showing proof of what you have done and tell them how much you have raised.
  • When asking for help be sure to include information on what Lighthouse Trust (Northampton) does and what you are doing.
  • Know the name and contact details of the Director of Lighthouse Trust (Northampton) to be able to give it to anyone who asks.
  • When sending letters out seeking sponsorship get permission from Lighthouse Trust (Northampton). Keep it short and clear as possible.

 Keep it Legal

  • Where events take place on private property you must obtain permission from the owner or manager.
  • If you have a raffle and sell tickets in advance of the event you'll need a Lotteries Licence from your local council. If you sell tickets and draw the prize on the night you don't need a licence.

Safety first

Please ensure that everyone's going to be safe while they are fundraising.

  • Always ensure that children are safe and that you do not allow them to collect money alone or without an adult.
  • Please note that any fundraising events are held entirely at the organiser's own risk and that Lighthouse Trust (Northampton) cannot be held responsible. It is essential to ensure that all events are safe, legal and ethical.
  • With adventure activities - for example, abseiling, parachuting, white water rafting or any other hazardous event, particular care should be taken.

Please contact us on the link above if you any ideas on how you might support us in fundraising , or if are unsure or need more information.

Are You 'Up for It'?

Now you've read about lots of ways of getting involved and helping Lighthouse Trust (Northampton) raise valuable funds, if you feel inspired to get involved let us know by completing our online enquiry form

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